Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Canada Day & a GIVEAWAY

Today is Canada's 141st birthday. We have spent the day enjoying the festivities at a local park. Lots of photo opportunities. Unfortunately, I forgot to charge my camera before heading down to the park so the numerous photo ops were lost. Oh well. I'm charging it up now for fireworks later tonight.

My disappointment was short lived though because we also went shopping. Bargains galore at the local Superstore. Gotta love that you can buy sugar AND cute little summer dresses at the same place.
Lizzie got herself some cool shades.

This is the view from my favourite spot right now. Remember these? Well this is where I've been sitting, reading, eating, drinking, and more than occasionally, napping. I've been extraordinarily lazy the last few days.

It's also my 105th post. I really wanted to celebrate my 100th post, but with being away and, as I might have already mentioned, really really lazy, I couldn't get these finished. This is my giveaway. Just a little thank you for stopping by all these 105 posts. I never imagined how much I would enjoy blogging. It's been so fun  meeting new friends this way.

So, here's the deal. All you have to do is post a comment here on my blog from now until July 7th. I have two tea towels to give away, so I will choose two people. Anyone can win...that even means you Bernie, and anyone from overseas! If you do not have a blog, post as anonymous and I will  still put your name in the random draw. And, don't worry, I won't make anyone answer a skill-testing question.


Anonymous said...

Those towels are adorable! We just got back from Canada last night... had breakfast in a lovely tea room yesterday whose scones were to-die-for!

Happy Canada Day!

CalicoDaisy said...

The tea towels are darling! They would make my kitchen feel oh, so cozy. I've enjoyed getting to know you blogging back and forth since we met in the apron swap.
-- Michele

Redblur63 said...

Happy Canada day from Memphis, TN! My daughter is half-Canadian (dad is a New Brunswicker), so we celebrate a few of your holidays as well. Big fun...be safe. LOVE the tea towels. Hand embroidery is a dying art. Once I finish some of my knitting projects, I hope to take it up again and get Dear Daughter interested.

MJ said...

Love that ferocious lion guarding your porch! Hopefully it will keep the lads away from little Lizzie in a few years!

Happy 100 plus posts! Can't believe I've read that many already! Here's to the next 100 plus posts!

3rdEyeMuse said...

Happy (belated) Canada Day!

Liz said...

Congratulations on your 105th post. Please count me in the draw for the giveaway.

bunzi said...

happy belated canada day. my older sis lives over there. :D very cute towels. crossing my fingers and toes. :D

Alexis said...

I love those towels! I collect things with bees on them because my daughter's name is Bea, and the other is lovely as well.

I hope I'm not too late!