Friday, June 27, 2008

Proud mama alert!

If you dislike reading stories where moms gush about their brilliant children, turn away now. Just for today. There are plenty of blogs I could recommend, although many are equally proud of their children and may also tend to talk about them. Check out Mrs. G. over at Derfwad Manor for her "Heart of the Home" post where she is sharing today her favourite room in the house. She's also posted links to other bloggers who are also sharing. I may take a look myself shortly.

The above photo was taken yesterday before Lizzie went to a friend's birthday tea party. We curled her hair for sort of a retro glamour look. Clip-on rhinestone earrings & sparkly necklace and bracelet complementing the summery halter dress she wore to the grand event. It was the first of TWO birthday parties yesterday. Isn't she lovely?

Today is the last day of school here. Just half a day. Mostly assembly where final awards are handed out and the kids get their report cards. I should premise this by telling you that we moved her to a new school this past fall. It was a last minute decision to enroll her in private Christian school away from public. She started grade 4 with a whole bunch of new kids, a few of which she knew casually. Plus a whole different type of curriculum, adding bible study & worship in addition to the 3 'R's. We were worried that she might struggle a bit, especially since the workload seemed to increase so much. But she absolutely rose to the challenges and blew us away with her achievement.

Can I just say that my Lizzie is a Miss Smarty Pants? She got an award for Math & French, plus the the award for overall academic achievement. I'm so proud of this child. She's kind & generous, just the sweetest little thing, with the biggest heart. 

This is the "last day of school picture". She's wearing a little shrug that I made for her. Just proof that I still occasionally take a few minutes to do some crafting. It's not all about school, you know.

This is something else I made just last night. A bib as part of the present for her teacher. Today was his last day at our school. He & his wife are moving to the coast & having their first baby in July, hence the bib (it's not because he drools or anything like that). It's not a perfect gift but I hope he (hmm-hmm - his wife) will like it. We package it up with a little board book. Because we all know...from now on it's all about the baby.

Lizzie is off to play with friends now, and I really must make a dent in cleaning this awfully dirty house. Bye for now, friends!


Tina said...

Sure, come on over. You're welcome anytime. S'mores for everyone! Your daughter is a absolute doll...My baby girl is almost 24 - oh, how I miss having a little girl around.

MJ said...

Good job, Lizzie! You've adapted to a new school & excelled! Good luck in your next grade too!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful gift for a going away teacher. You did a great job! A hand made gift is a gift of the heart, and always, always appreciated.

Thanks for stopping my my place today during the "home tour!"

so NOT cool said...

Besides being smart, she sure is cute!!

Tara said...

You just brag and brag all you want---she is a cutie for sure and you should be proud!

Saucy said...

She is adorable, and a smart one too! Somebody must have been taking their vitamins when she was on the way!

I love the last day of school and the last few parties that are thrown in there before the holidays get going. It's crazy but fun!

mikodesign said...

Your daughter looks so pretty! Have a great summer!

Jillian said...

Lizzie is a very precious gift indeed you have received. And lucky too for Lizzie you were chosen as her Mom! Nothing wrong with gushing about all of that.

I wish I knew how to make a shrug!
(Or even a bib)


Hen said...

Thank you for coming by!

Wow - I take my hat off to you - I can't knit for toffee!


Mrs. G. said...

I love girl smarty pants-she is beautiful and, oh, that sweet smile is catching.

mushroommeadows said...

You should be proud! What an awesome little girl!!! YAY!

By the way, she DOES look lovely for her tea and the bib is ADORABLE! :)

Firefly Hill said...

She is just darling! And smart too? Wow! Congrats to dear Lizzie!


3rdEyeMuse said...

Proud mama's totally ROCK! Anyway, you have a lot to be proud of in Lizzie (please give her a big "wootwoot" from sunny Florida) - what a great acheivement. :) Plus, love the bib for her teacher - you know the Mrs. is going to cry when she sees it (hormones + home-made usually = a bit of the waterworks).

cheers on a really great day! ~M~