Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Trick or treats

Death in a family is always sad but frequently has the ability to either tear a family apart or bring it much closer. My grandmother's death definitely worked to bring us closer.

I'm so glad that I've become closer to my step-sister this past year and her two adorable little boys, my nephews! Aren't they cute?

A six year age difference and many kilometers between us has always been a barrier to my relationship with my step-sister. I've always wanted a sister, but we never grew up together. I was always the older, more glamourous (or so I thought) sister sweeping in from the big city. Our lifestyles were very different. I was finished school, then became a mom. Now we are both moms and working in the health care industry. We have so much more in common and I look forward to having a bigger role in her life.

So now that I'm an auntie, I have to start spoiling these darling little boys. Seeing these treat bags on Purl Bee was a no-brainer. You know how I love a DIY project.

The Purl Bee version.

And my version.

Not quite as nice, but serviceable. The cobwebs are stitch in glow-in-the-dark thread.

And filled them with small toys, socks & books. This is for the 3-year-old.

I fell in love with Spider-Duck & Franken-Duck.

And this is for the baby. He's just over 1. He gets a ducky devil & ghost combo.

What do you think, pretty fun?

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MJ said...

So cute! Your nephews must have been so excited to receive them!