Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pumpkin picking

Medicine Hat does not, sadly, have a pumpkin patch. What it does have is the Garden Market, a store that regularly sells locally grown produce and, oddly enough, gift items from Thailand. Every year they bring in thousands of pumpkins to sell to the good little boys and girl of Medicine Hat.

Last Friday, Lizzie and I made our trek to get stocked up.

Blow up lawn ornaments are a personal pet peeve of mine (I think they are a cop out decor-wise), but somehow this one work at the store's entrance.

Neat rows of pumpkins waiting for adoption. Which one will be ours?

More bins of pumpkins. I refused to go bin diving for the perfect pumpkin. We chose only those which we could see.

Apparently local witches like to shop here too. We didn't see her inside though.

I was greeted by this sight when I opened up the back of the car. Apparently my new pumpkin family was eager to escape.

Maybe this was a bit ambitious. I just realized we have 6 pumpkins to carve.

On another note, we found a way to keep Ollie warm after being so recently shorn AND celebrate Javier's favourite sports team at the same time!

Poor Ollie.

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