Friday, October 21, 2011

Straight hair fail

Slightly wavy hair with a tendency to frizz if I let it dry naturally was a little gift to me from my 30s. I grew up with lovely, shiny bone straight hair. Oh, the glory days years.

This week, I went to my stylist to have my roots touched up and a trim. Flipping through magazines while I was getting my hair done, I found several ads and articles celebrating this product...

Finally, I could recapture the beauty and wonder of my youthful hair. Up to 95% frizz free and lasting for up to 30 days. Sold.

I went straight from the salon to the drugstore and plunked down my $15 (approx) and hurried home to make my hair silky straight. You probably know where this is going.

The product instructions state to apply product (after using the clarifying shampoo) to towel dried hair (about 80% dry, how to estimate that I have no idea how). I was also told to apply the product sparingly AND not to over-saturate. Yeah, I used to the whole bottle. I have thick hair! After waiting a 1/2 hour, I blow dried my hair straight with a round brush and then ran a straightener over every strand of hair.

And what was a left with? Not silky straight locks. More like dry, yellow frizz. With a heavy coating greasing down everything.

The WORST past was having to go to work for 2 days with disgusting hair as you need to wait 48 hours to wash or even wet your hair. Yes, I had to go to hair with greasy, yellow/orange, frizzy hair.

Too late I read the reviews about the straightening treatment. Number one complaint - brassiness for blondes, followed by a strong odor. That's when I started to freak out.

I excited rush home after work today to wash my hair and was left with brassy, orange hair and a distinct boiled turnip smell wafting around me. Then I really freaked out. But I didn't cry.

I did however head directly to the salon down the hill and begged mercy on the one stylist willing to stay past 5:00. An hour with a good toner one my head and a hundred dollars later, I'm restored to my former blonde locks. And my hair is silky to boot! Though admittedly it might have been the Bumble & Bumble Straight Shampoo & Moroccan Oil, the stylist used.

Yeah, I'm not wearing makeup so you are not going to see my face. But I assure you, my hair is VERY smooth, but it still smells a bit like turnips.

The bottom line is that using the Organix Smoothing Treatment was definitely not worth the emotional trauma I've suffered the past 48 hours.

From now on, my special treatments will all take place at the salon.


MJ said...

After reading this post, I am glad I have poker straight hair. It's just too much effort to make it otherwise!

Hope you are enjoying your smooth, blond straight hair!

Jodi Anderson said...

I'm glad that you did a review on this because I'm drawn to products that promise to alleviate frizz. This might have been next!

For about six months, I have been using Living Proof's No-Frizz products (shampoo, conditioner, anti-frizz spray if you're using dryer/iron). I've been pretty happy with the results. I realize that my hair will never be as smooth or straight as I'd like, but this is worth a try. (I first bought this stuff at Sephora, but now I get it from Amazon.)

Spluck said...

I know ... I'm way late to this party. That said, I used the Organix 30 Day Keratin Treatment in late December 2013. ($12 on Amazon.) It's now early April 2014 and it hasn't washed out of my hair. There's enough left over for a 2nd treatment and my hair is past my shoulders. It wasn't fun to apply. A huge fan made all the difference when drying/ironing. I couldn't wait out the 48 hours. Washed it out at 40 hrs. It did exactly what it claimed. My kinky, curly, frizzy, course hair is now wavy if left natural and perfectly smooth and silky if flat ironed. No smell once the solution was washed out. I will swear by this product til the day I die.