Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Welcome to our Halloween abode.

We were somewhat conservative with our outdoor decorations this year. We had grand plans but when Javier found the red light bulbs, we figured they made the house look pretty scary on their own.

This picture does not show the details well, but there is a grave yard to each side of the lions. The lions each have battery operated tea lights in their mouths. Sound and movement operated skulls and other devices ensure we scare the living daylights out of trick or treaters. Javier put strobe lights on the outer corners for some extra spookiness. I also put a large black painted branch in an urn to the right of the door. It's inhabited by a family of crows and festooned with cobwebs.

Would you like to see the interior decorations?

We have two skeletons at the entrance, keeping an eye on everyone as they enter the house.

I accidently twisted the head off this poor guy, so he also has to keep an eye (or a hand, ha ha) on his own head. He's also guarding the devil horn party favours for our guests.
We've had a recent rodent infestation. Please watch your feet.

Even the bathroom got tricked out. A little moldy looking gauze fabric, (plastic) barbed wire and a collection of glow in the dark creepy crawlies.

We decorated the attic for Lizzie's Halloween movie party.

Here's the snack table. Six different kinds of candy, three kinds of pops, a box of mandarin oranges, and two kinds of pizzas. Yeah, I know, crazy health food.

And of course, all the furniture got draped in white to make the look extra ghostly, more gauze everywhere and candles galore for ambiance.

My Happy Halloween'ers. Costumes optional.

The reflection from the flash makes the devil horns glow. Scary.

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MJ said...

Very spooky! I even saw a ghost dressed in black in the bathroom mirror reflection!