Friday, October 14, 2011

More signs of fall

It's still very sunny around here and we've only had 1 night (last night) where the temperature fell below zero. It's been such a lovely autumn.

I decided last week that my lovely flower pots were looking ghastly. Very dried out from mainly lack of water (what? I've been busy), not cool temperatures, so I cleared them out and brought out some fall decor for the front porch.

I'm in love with my painted motel chairs. I originally wanted them both yellow, but the yellow was back ordered so I used orange from my stash. My summer pillows got their fall slipcovers. The bunnies always stay out.

$30 worth of dollar store flowers plus some Michael's pumpkins. I'm all about the glitter this, dresses, pumpkins, skulls...

This will all remain for a few weeks until we do our epic Halloween display. This year our neighbours have a French exchange student who's not used to celebrating Halloween so we are pulling out all the stops, I think, if we have time. Stay tuned.

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MJ said...

Ooooh, the glittering pumpkins! Be sure to spook the French exchange student! It'll make a great memory for him/her!