Monday, August 22, 2011

Yes deer

One of the unfortunate things about having a 13 year old daughter able to take on some responsibilities is that mom's sometimes have to take over those responsibilities when said daughter goes to Waterton for the weekend with her dad.

Yes, I've been abandoned by both Javier and Lizzie all weekend. Granted I've been working or sleeping most of the time, so I guess it's warranted.

Okay, back to the responsibilities. Lizzie's friend took on a little neighbourhood lawn watering job and then went away, subsequently passing it over to Lizzie for the last few weeks of the summer. So I've been busy, between sleeping, working, eating, and running in the heat, moving sprinklers around our neighbour's lawns.

It's not all bad though, because I made a new friend the other day. She's very pretty though her ears are a little large.

This graceful creature was lounging in one of the backyards when I arrived. She looked at me with some interest as I retrieved the hose and sprinklers. I had to get quite close to get the sprinkler but she didn't seem to mind. She stood up when I went near her, but I looked at her and said "it's okay, you can stay", and she quickly laid back down.

Medicine Hat is a small city, but a city nonetheless, so it constantly surprises me to see deer in my inner-city neighbourhood. It's always a nice surprise though.

Even when they leave "gifts" in the middle of the lawn at the end of their visit.

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MJ said...

Oh. I bet those are large presents too. Urgh.