Sunday, August 21, 2011

The blog that just won't die

Every time I think this blog is finished, I some how get dragged back into it, albeit quite willingly. One of my coworkers was looking at my blog today and I peaked over her shoulder as she was doing so. I liked reading what I wrote. I like having a concrete record of what has happened throughout the past few years. So here I am once again, after a prolonged absence. Hopefully I still have some readers out there?

I stopped blogging for a while for several reasons. I simply didn't have the time for a few months. Work was busy. Life at home was busy. Blogging just fell to the wayside. The other reason is that I just wasn't that inspired to write about anything, I lost focus. However, a friend (who also blogs) recently pointed out that I have plenty of topics to write about. Anything from my ongoing crafts, my sometimes misguided attempts to eat healthy, my obsession with working out, my travels....

I also worry that no one will read what I write, but that's just silly. I realized today that I get as much enjoyment from reading my own blog as I do reading comments on my posts. It's a way to remember what I've done and where I've been.

So I'm back to blogging. And what will I blog about? Well, everything! This summer has been fabulous and there's always a new adventure waiting around that corner at Chez Oliver Rain.

Miss Lizzie and I in San Diego in July

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MJ said...

Welcome back! It's hard to crank out a post but it does somehow keep us connected!