Thursday, August 25, 2011

It ain't easy being green

For all of my nursing career so far I've been diligently at maintaining clean, short fingernails, clear of any polish. I had my gel nails removed before I even started school. I barely even wear my rings at work. It's kind of expected for nurses as we use our hands so much for close work and have be careful at preventing and spreading infection.

I save nail polish for vacations. Lizzie and I like to purchase a new colour and apply on our first day of holidays. This year, for our San Diego trip, I found a lovely teal polish by Sinful Color. I realized it may have been a mistake at first when the colour went on somewhat chalky instead the usual pretty gloss we are use to. No fear though, Lizzie and I are very resourceful. We simply covered it with a single coat of a pretty electric blue that we had hanging around to create a new even more lovely colour. And we had pretty nails for a week.

The trouble started when I tried to remove the polish and realized that my nails were stained a sickly green colour.

This doesn't look so bad but this is after having the nails grow out for about 3 weeks. I still keep them short but got tired of having to explain that "no, I haven't been gardening, painting, or healing from some un-diagnosed nail fungus", so I been painting them. Even for work.

I've tried yellow and orange. The orange almost covered the green but not quite. The yellow worked barely at all. I tried to keep things low key with some nude polish, but five coats of polish meant constant smudges as it never seemed to dry for hours.

Then I found Essie's Chinchilly.

And I fell in love. Isn't it a pretty colour? Not subtle like a nude polish but not exactly in your face either. Please excuse my horribly dehydrated fingers. Comes with washing your hands 50 million times each day.

I will dutifully go back to my plain nail once the green completely grows out, but it's kind of fun having pretty nails for a while.

I guess there is a silver lining to being green. Plus I've learned never to cheap out on nail polish.


Jodi Anderson said...

I have a different Essie grey and I positively love it. I really like your shade too.

Do you wear base coat on your nails under your polish?

oliver rain said...

No I never do. Makes too many coats to dry.