Friday, August 26, 2011

Porch living

We've been blessed with wonderful weather this summer and I was able to make the time and "pretty up" by front porch this year. The last few years I just haven't been able to make it happen.

I put out these flowers out mid-June and they are still alive! Granted they are slowly dying but I think I can keep them going if my neighbours remember to water them for me on my upcoming trip. Last time I went away they got pretty thirsty and brown.

I bought two "motel" chairs a few years ago at a Montana antique store and decided to paint one bright yellow and the other orange this summer. The year one is my favourite and makes a great perch for one of my stone bunnies.

I bought two more adirondack chairs too and painted them turquoise (my current fave colour!) to match my old one. I love the pop of colour against the brickwork.

Some days I'm actually able to relax on the porch with my beer or iced coffee and a book and it's lovely...


MJ said...

What a relaxing-looking porch! Enjoy it!

Jodi Anderson said...

You have such a large porch. I'd be envious, but I'm happy for you.

I love both adirondack chairs and the vintage metal lawn chairs. We have some of the former, but the latter... My mom had a few that had come with the house when I was a child. They were kind of rusty, but oh! I wish that I could sandblast them and repaint them now.

Everything looks great. Nice job on the paint.