Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I miss coffee

It's now been 10 days "off the bean". I thought that once I got past the first week I'd be home-free, but alas, my cravings were almost unbearable yesterday. I really felt very, very sad.

On the plus side, I feel fantastic. Much less jittery. Even my co-workers notice my hands don't shake as much. I never realized how anxious I really got before. Plus my resting heart rate is in the 70s instead of 85+ beats per minute. That's got to be a good thing.

It's hard. I'm getting sick of peppermint and green teas. But I think I'll make it through, because I discovered this fabulous new product today at the health food store.

Teeccino! It's a delicious coffee alternative made of ground herbs, grains, fruits, and nuts. And it doesn't have any caffeine. Plus it works in my espresso maker so I've already enjoyed a Teeccino latte. Mmmm.

If anyone tells me it causes anxiety, jitters, or anything else, I might shoot myself.

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sassy said...

you go girl! I love a home made soy chai lattee soy good, no fat and chai tea bag by tetley. easy! (coffee smells good but tastes awful!) as a treat but know many teachers who have turned to a coffee similar to above. The juicing sounds fab...do tell more! We are totally a magic bullet family (fruit and yogut) and I need all the vitamins I can find me!