Tuesday, March 15, 2011


The temperature has finally risen above freezing, the sun in shining, snow is melting, there are big mud puddles everywhere making our cars disgustingly dirty, and it is absolutely GLORIOUS! It's been a very cold, very wintery winter for us here. Just a few warm days and everyone is much happier around here.

My thoughts quickly turn to footwear. As much as I've loved wearing my knee boots this winter, I can't wait to put them into winter storage along with all my socks. Maybe I'll just burn all my socks instead along with the winter coat I never want to see again.

I can't wait to wear flip-flops again. And not look crazy like I did wearing them when I got my pedicure in December.

Okay maybe not these flip-flops, though the idea of squishing my toes around in soft green grass is very appealing. And I do see little bits of green grass peeking through the melting snow.

These sequiny numbers are more my style. Maybe some online shopping at Victoria's Secret is in my future.

But sometimes flip-flops just aren't appropriate, so i will dig out my favourite ballet flats.

I spurged last year on these patent Cole Haan flats. My feet said "thank you". (So did my ego from all the compliments I got). I love these shoes.

I also love my Toms. Lizzie got the gold sparkly pair. And I prefer to wear them without socks.

Yay for no socks weather. And yay for spring!

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