Sunday, February 27, 2011

Buh-Bye Beans

Alternative titles I considered for this post:

When Javier's Wife Got Really Grumpy & Crazy

The Day the Machine Went Silent

Anyone who's ever read this blog know how much I love my coffee. And last Christmas, my Javier presented me with my very own espresso maker. It was either that or buy our own coffee shop.

It's a thing of beauty and it's been used nearly everyday since I I opened the box. Sometimes, 2 or 3 times a day.

But at some point all good things must come to an end, especially those that aren't making you feel very good. I love my coffee so that feels good, but it makes my heart race and my hands shake and I know I'm a true addict.

So I had my last espresso latte two days ago. It was supposed to be last night but I accidently left my travel cup on the counter when I left for work last night. So, I'm officially 2 days off the bean and I was very grumpy today when I got up and I had a headache. I almost caved when I went to get my groceries but I must persevere.

This is how I'm trying to get through it.

I'm (green) juicing my little heart out. I've been reading the books Crazy Sexy Diet & Detox 4 Women. Both authors extol the benefits of drinking green juice everyday. And I actually like the taste. Today's tasty concoction was made of carrots, cucumber, romaine, and lemon. Mmmm. Maybe it's wishful thinking but I did feel energized after I drank it. Javier & Lizzie think I'm nuts!

I'm drinking lots of tea too. I drank 3 cups last night and only 1 of the had any caffeine in it. I just purchased a new peppermint herbal tea plus a pomegranate green tea to keep me going too. I know green tea has caffeine but I hope the reduced caffeine content will help me make it through the next few weeks.

And what will I do with my machine?

Well, lattes can be made with herbal tea instead of coffee. I plan to do lots of experimenting, made with my favourite almond milk. Yum.

And Lizzie knows that I can make the BEST hot chocolate on the block, so no fear. My machine won't really be too quiet.

So all is good.


MJ said...

I've tried kicking the coffee habit as well. I still enjoy a cup in the morning but the rest of the day I am caffeine free. I've been drinking lots of David's Teas: try the cinnamon chai! Yum!

a friend to knit with said...

best of luck without the coffee.
i too LOVE my coffee... but also love my green drinks!
smoothies for me, as i don't have a juicer.... and getting kale in my diet is such a beautiful thing!

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