Saturday, February 19, 2011

Shameful (Partial) Tour of My Home

Welcome to my home.

I know what you are thinking. What could could possibly be shameful about your home?

Well, the honest truth is nothing is really shameful. It's just not decorated the right way.

I try. I certainly do. A few years ago (or was that just last year) I did some decorating when we were trying to sell our house. It's a beautiful house. Really, it is. It just is a bit more bland than I would like. Plus I hate our couch.

Meet our current living room. I've just now realized how crooked the pictures are. I'm sure they've just shifted somehow. It didn't have anything with not measuring properly before I hung them up!

The wall colour is BORING. Plain old tan. It's the colour we had the painters use when we first moved in and needed to rid the house of evil smoke residue right away. It was never meant to remain that colour, but time passes quickly and almost 6 years later it's still the same colour. Note the central orientation of the television. I'd love a way to hide it in plain sight.

I call this the "current" living room because this room will become the dining room/sitting room once my family room is completed. See here for pictures of that disaster.

Take the door on your right and you will enter the kitchen.

It's really not a bad kitchen, but I'm ready for a change. Standard builder's oak, dark tile everywhere, and dark sage green walls are not compatible with my current style. I'm dying to take a sledgehammer to all the tile and a paintbrush to the cupboard. There are so many bloggers out there painting their kitchens. Imagine this space brightened up with granite or Corian countertops, white paint, new hardware, and some subway tile. Hmm, putting away the dishes wouldn't be a bad idea either.

Sadly, there is absolutely no plan in the immediate future to make changes to this room. See what I mean about being 20 steps ahead of myself all the time. "Get back to my family room, girl", I must tell myself constantly.

Oh well, since we are doing a tour let's move on to the second. Continue straight at the top of the stairs to our spare bedroom. This is about as far down on the list of priorities as possible, but I'm still thinking about it.

Honestly we don't have guests very often so it's not a big deal to have an ugly spare room, but wouldn't it be better to have a pretty room rather than an ugly room. Frequently this room becomes a storage room for Lizzie's outgrown clothes and a place to set up the ironing board. I once misguidedly attempted to move the ironing board downstairs to the laundry room, but it's two floors away and the idea of running downstairs in our skivvies to iron a shirt in the morning is not a great one. And no, I don't do all my ironing at one time, which really would make sense.

Okay, let's move on to our bathroom. Please forgive the counter top clutter.

My realtor described this as the "spa bathroom". I agreed initially but now I describe it as boring. Beige, beige, beige. It tried to add colour with a curtain, but it's never really worked out for me.

Note the excessive use of beige tile. The previous owners of our house did a very thorough renovation with an excessive amount of tile. Not my first choice of flooring for every bedroom in the house. But it's one of those things I will live with for now.

So there you have it. My "shameful" rooms. And that isn't even all of it!

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Jodi Anderson said...

Your kitchen and rest rooms are gorgeous.

I had to comment because, just yesterday, I read about a tip that might help you out with the frames. If you take a little bit of that velcro with the adhesive, you can put it on the back of the frame and on the wall to just sort of keep them from getting shifted. I think that I'm going to try it in some high-traffic areas.