Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I need an inoculation...

'Cuz I gots the Bieber Fever

Lizzie and I had a girl's night to see the Justin Bieber movie.

At risk of sound like a 100-year-old lady, he's a very talented young man, but he needs to hitch up the back of his jeans.

Miss Lizzie and I always scoff and switch the station when he comes on the radio, but I think now we may have to listen once in a while. Lizzie has already warned me that I'm not allowed to go around singing "baby, baby, baby, oh" too often.

Lizzie had a pleasing blush to her cheeks when we left the theatre. I think she caught the fever too!

Tina Fey knows how we both feel.


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MJ said...

5 year old N has Bieber fever too. She's frequently crooning, "baby, baby, baby oh!" I'm bracing myself for what she brings home to listen to for music!