Monday, February 7, 2011

Let me RE-introduce myself

Hello all.

It's been AGES since I've written. August 8th (yikes) was the date of my last post. It was warm. It was sunny. There were flowers in the back alley. Now it's just snow, snow, snow. But life is good.

To any of my original bloggy friends...I'm so glad to see you. I've missed you so.

And to any new readers...welcome. I hope you'll visit again soon.

As I said earlier, life is good, very good in fact. I've been busy, busy, busy at work. I finally was awarded a PERMANENT, parttime nursing position on the neonatal intensive care unit. I've been working casual for almost 2 years, picking up whatever shifts were offered because I never knew when I'd get shifts. However, this meant working close to full time every month and working a lot of really yucky shifts. Now I have a schedule and I hope to get my life back. I still love nursing though. It makes me happy to go to work, even if it is an 11:00 at night!

When I'm not working, I'm ferrying my 12-(soon to be 13)-year-old around to figureskating, school, and piano. She's a busy girl and it makes for a busy family. But I'd rather have my child involved in lots of activity rather than twiddling her thumbs at home. But it does cut into my creative time.

I still make time for crafting, my stitching is my constant companion rink-side and for slow periods at work. And I exercise a lot, 7 days in a good week, 5 days a week minimum. Plus, I'm still trying to eat healthy, so food planning & preparation takes up a lot of time. But I feel great!

So why haven't I written for a while and why am I writing now?

Well, I guess I lost my blog mojo for a while. Life didn't seem very exciting for a while, at least not blog-worthy. My days are pretty much all the same, involving eating, exercising, driving to a from school, skating rink, work, etc.,working, and, once in a while, cleaning my home. Oh, and trying to fit family & spouse time in occasionally. I've not been great at this last item. I'm sure it's similar in most other families.

I couldn't think about what to write about so I just didn't. Plus my blog was suffering from a serious identity crisis. Really, how much can you write about cats and coffee, when crafting is so minimal?

But I think I've finally gotten my inspiration. What I'd really like to do is write about my journey to becoming house proud once again. I'm most definitely not house proud at this time. Not when there is a vast collection of boots and shoes clogging my entry way, junk everywhere and a future den filled with boxes of books, papers, and anything else that should be on the kitchen counter. We are in the midst of a major re-arrangement of rooms on the main floor. The den/tv/living room is moving to our former piano room/library. The piano moved to the dining room where it is currently sharing real estate with the dining room table. And the living room hasn't changed at all & won't until I finish clearing out the former piano room. I'm struggling with trying to stay focused on one task at a time. How else to explain why reorganized my food storage and spice collection, instead of boxing up books? And this might be a good time to confess how much time I've spent trolling the internet for home decorating inspiration. Have you met some of the DIY home bloggers out there? Oh, wait until I introduce you.

So here I am. I think this old blog of mine needs a wee re-design, so that will be in the works. I certainly hope you will return soon. I hope to resume regular posting, but I make no concrete promises.



calicodaisy said...

That's the good thing about Google Reader. Just in case one falls off the blog road for a while, when you write again, the post shows up on the reader list like you've never left. And, I have been keeping up with the DIY bloggers, and the girls that build furniture! -- michele

Shana said...

Welcome back! Can't wait to see what you have planned for the old homestead.

Jillian said...

Hello! Hello! Glad to see you are doing well... looking forward to seeing what you do in the room!

Bella Rosa Antiques

Clare said...

Welcome Back!
Look forward to reading more of what you have been up to...