Sunday, August 8, 2010

Stopping to smell the flowers

The past few summers I have been envious of my neighbour's flowers on her side of the alley. The lady is blessed with a seriously green thumb. You should see her yard! Seriously, I'd take pictures, but I know they aren't at home at this minute.

Isn't it pretty? Much better than the collection of weeds on my side of the alley.

So here's the story. In late spring, I happened upon her working in the garden and asked for some advice on how to pretty up my little slice of alley. She gave me great information, offering to lend me her roto-tiller to break up all the soil, once I'd weeded thoroughly of course.

Fast forward a few days...

Lizzie and I head out back on a walk and my neighbour is WEEDING my part of the back lane. She offered to "adopt" the patch of land, because she was so excited about having a new gardening project. I was overwhelmed by her generosity. The lady is so kind.

I relayed the story to Javier, who prompted burst my bubble by telling me she was probably just tired of looking at my weeds. However, I prefer to take the glass half-full approach and see it as just a friendly-neighbour gesture. I made two batches of muffins as a thank you for her hard work.

Two months later...

This is my back lane. I feel like I'm walking down a country road. Isn't in pretty? The red flowers are my favourites.

And some more flowery wonder.

I'm not even allowed to water or weed the area. She's serious about her gardening commitment.

I think another batch of muffins is due right away!

I love my neighbours.


MJ said...

Is this the alley of the house that you were thinking of selling or is it the new house? Either way, it looks great! I wonder whether she would come fix up my alley jungle?

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