Monday, May 10, 2010

Oliver Rain 90210

It seems I'm so famous these days I can't leave my house without being followed around by the PAPARAZZI.

Oh the glamorous life of a celebrity. Having to be constantly made up and beautiful. Who knows who will be there to take my photo? What pictures will make it to the cover of US magazine?


Okay, you got me. This is literally as close as I got to the red carpet on our family's recent holiday to Lalaland. I told Javier to dare me to stand on the red carpet, but he just shook his head at me.

We just returned from a week at the Beverly Hilton, home of the Golden Globe Awards. Of course it's already past award season, but there are still plenty of red carpet events going on. On the Saturday of our visit, an event called An Evening With Women took place to benefit the Gay and Lesbian Center. The event was MC'd by Gina Gershon and some other celebrities were also in attendance.

Javier and I hung out at the fringes of all the excitement before returning to our hotel room. We were asked by security TWICE to leave the area due to the private event, but we were determined to see somone famous. After all, that was one of my GOALS for the holiday! I'd love to say that I totally fit in with my impeccable make up and couture resort wear, but in reality I was wearing a simple summer dress, the flipflops seen in the above photo, and had a shiny face and greasy hair after some very recent spa treatments. I felt great, but looked a bit like a crazy homeless person (no offense to homeless people).

This is a photo of Kat Von D from LA Ink. We don't watch the show, so we had no idea who she was. She was standing right in front of us (we could see her tramp stamp when she leaned over), but we didn't find out who she was until she was moved onto the carpet.

Renee Zellweger was the first person we actually saw. Thank goodness for iphone cameras. I never really thought she was attractive in photos. It was the squinty eyes and mushed up face that always put me off, but she is so beautiful in person. Slender and pale and very, very pretty. And her outfit and shoes were incredible.

Sarah Silverman also made an appearance. She's very cute in person. I would have liked to hang out with her! I think she'd be extremely funny.

We had big plans to go out on the town exploring that evening, but Javier and I were unexpectedly starstruck! Poor Lizzie had to stay in the room watching movies while Javier and I sat just outside our room near the pool and sipped wine, hoping for another glimpse of someone famous at Trader Vic's on the other side of the courtyard.

What a night!


MJ said...

It's funny how we behave around movie stars. I once saw Jack Lemmon in the LA airport and had a complete argument in my head regarding whether it was appropriate to approach him or whether I should leave him in peace. He drove away. My argument with myself ended.

Saucy said...

Renee always favours the designs of Carolina Herrera! I agree, she looked fab.

I think that you and I should arrange a lunch date with Sarah Silverman. She is definitely a girl crush of mine. I think she would make me laugh and laugh.

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