Sunday, April 25, 2010

What not to wear

You know your wardrobe must be pretty bad when you search "Fashion Disasters" on Google Images and most of the people in the pictures are dressed better than you.

Except maybe this person. Although I did have a dress last summer that may have been as unflattering on me.

I used to have such a cute wardrobe. Now I just think I forgot how to dress. I blame it on the scrubs. I have some mighty cute scrubs and I love to mix and match the outfits. Maybe that's my fashion outlet. When you wear a cross between a uniform and pajamas five to six days a week, it's hard to put much effort into your at-home wardrobe.

Still, it's hard not to feel envious of other well-put-together women. I worry that my daughter will pick up clothing habits from me!

Most days I look like a combination of the two ladies above. Still petite, but not as, ahem, toned as I might have been in the past. This makes clothing shopping a challenge and more than a little traumatic as well. It makes me want to run to the internet and order the "Slim in Six" DVD set (does this work by the way?). And buy a new bra too. Foundation garments make all the difference or so I hear.

My friend Saucy offered to help a fellow blogger find a new wardrobe. Alas, time and distance work against me or I'd ask her for help too.

Any advice for a scrubbed up nurse who also wants to be a fashionista?

Don't even get me started on my hair.


Shana said...

My sister recently commented that my way-too-long hair looked somewhat pentecostal. No offense to any pentecostal readers, but not exactly the look I am going for.

MJ said...

No fashionista advice from me but I suspect that this may be a approaching 40s reaction that you may be having. If you aren't having it, you might soon. Soon it might be, is this too young for me? Too old for me? Do I look like Dorothy from Golden Girls while wearing this? If you've arrived at these questions, I'd factor in the approaching 40s factor too.

Anonymous said...

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Debachu said...

I just discovered that a mall here offers the services of a personal stylist (for about $150, which incl. a $25 mall certificate) who consults with you and walks you through a few stores to show you what you should and shouldn't wear for your colouring/body shape. You could see if anyone in MH does that ... or you could visit your sister in law ...

Jillian said...

Why not ask Saucy?? I agree with MJ...this age is when we start to second guess our fashion, our hair, fitness, everything. I think haveing a baby at 40 really hit me hard and I am still trying to deal with it. Maybe goig to the gym would help me....but I'm too tired to go! :0)

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Kate said...

i know what its like to have a nonbeautiful work uniform, but that just makes me want to look cuter in days off! If you're not comfortable with fashion, don't try anything extreme, just take a few steps forward. Buy a few cute print skirts, fitted Ts, neutral blouses., and a pair of jeans that fits correctly (no matter HOW much time that takes to find!). From there, depending on how comfortable you are with jewelry, just pick one piece you love-earrings, necklace, or bracelet-each time. shoes are easy now cuz its summer and there are tons of pretty sandals!
Good luck...I'd be happy to help if you had any questions!

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