Sunday, April 18, 2010


I'm sitting here typing this post in my shorts! After a few days of nasty weather last week, we are back to nice weather. Better than nice really. I love Spring! Flowers are coming up. I think my flower bed is almost ready to be weeded.

March was crazy work-wise. I think I worked more hours than I ever have in one month. However, I barely saw my family, much less had time to blog. I miss blogging.

I was think about my resolution list for this year and how I'm doing so far.

1. Stop being guilty for doing nothing on my days off. - Well, becoming too tired to do anything on my days off really helps with the whole guilt factor.

2. Be nice. - I think I'm nice, but it's so hard some time. My major vice (well, one of them anyway) is GOSSIP. How do I conquer gossip?

3. Preserve something this summer. Pickles or jam or something like that. - It's not summer yet. I'm off the hook for this one for a few more months.

4. Play in the snow. Once, just once. - We had snow last week, but just the yucky slushy stuff. I didn't get out there once this winter. Honestly we didn't have that much really. Excuses, excuses.

5. Be patient. With people. With circumstances. With myself. - Patience? Definitely not making any progess here.

6. Learn to swim. - Need to sign up for those lessons.

7. Pray. - Working on it.

8. Accept my body. - Working on it. All the parts work, but the whole package isn't very pretty. Why is acceptance so difficult?

9. Cook more meals. - Ha! Must be at home to do this.

10. Start running again. - Got new shoes. That counts, right?

This is a very piecemeal blog post, but I really do miss this forum for my thoughts, so I thought I'd check in.

Miss O.R.


MJ said...

Having new shoes counts. Definately. Especially if they are in a nice box.

Be easier on yourself ( ~ advice from someone who isn't easy on herself either has limited value!)

slow panic said...

just keep at it, a day at a time. i've been having the same issues -- work crazy busy and totally taking away from my time to blog, cook or keep up with any resolutions..... so hard to find the balance.

sassy said...

good to hear from you or! I owuld say beign a workign mommy is a huge double check on your list! remember to enjoy each day a little too, I know you do! Hey I just finished this terms classes! one big fat thesis to go and I will be done! (in a few research filled years!)

Josephina Finchworth said...

You blog made me laugh. Enjoyed it.
I'm collecting world flags on my silly little blog. My brother and I challenged each other - trying to get to 100 first. Come visit the blog and help me win!