Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Today's special at the Oliver Rain Cafe

Hello! Are you hungry? Why not come in for a bite to eat?

We serve breakfast all day. Eggs, bacon, and whole grain toast is always yummy. I think the chef may have browned the toast a little too much.

It's still pretty chilly around here. Perhaps some hot chocolate is in order? With marshmallows of course.

And if you care to stay for dinner we offer a hearty meal of turkey, baked potato (slathered in melting butter), and peas.

All food is carefully prepared by our house chef, Lizzie.


sassy studio said...

yum...I'll take a hot chocolate to go please!

MJ said...

The main course looks delectable.

Shana said...

Your Lizzie needs to come spend a day with my girls. They are polymer clay addicts. I'm considering a 12-step program for them. xo

Jillian said...

THAT is adorable. I can't wait until Dear Bebe starts making things too. Such fun! Lizzie is very crafty!

Jodi Anderson said...

This is beyond adorable. I love anything in miniature. *happy sigh*