Thursday, January 21, 2010

Real estate

Good news! There's a new family moving into the neighbourhood. Meet the Nutkins.

Mr. & Mrs. Nutkin are newlyweds who've been renting until now. Poor things. Their landlord hasn't been very willing to fix up the place.

Mr. Nutkin loves to bake. He's doing pretty well with this old wood stove but would prefer newer appliances.

Mrs. Nutkin wants her own home. She's sitting at the dining table, sipping hot tea and enjoying cake, while daydreaming about wallpaper and new sofas and fireplaces.

She also wishes the roof didn't leak every time it rains. The darn rental house needs a new roof pretty badly. Miserly landlord.

Mr. Nutkin wishes they had windows. It gets a bit drafty in the winter.

And of course there needs to be room for sewing in the new house. Mrs. Nutkin is very crafty, you know.

After looking around, the Nutkins decided to build their dream house.

They picked the Arthur Limited Edition by Greenleaf. What luck! We have one in stock right now. And guess what?

The Nutkins hired me to be their builder and decorator.

What fun!


sassy studio said...

ooo! the nutkins are so sweet-and very lucky to have you as a contracter!

Jill said...

I'm sure the new dreamhouse will be perfect for the Nutkins! Can't wait to see it!

Debachu said...

I think someone needs to lay off the coffee...

Rubyellen said...

that is way too cute!

Joshua Kulasingham said...

Awesome blog