Friday, February 5, 2010

Nutkin Surprise

The Nutkin's house is really coming along. The interior walls are up and some new furniture has already arrived. Mrs. Nutkin is driving the builder crazy trying different furniture configurations before the glue (I mean, drywall paste) is even dry.

Mrs. Nutkin is a stylish young squirrel. She has fully embraced the wallpaper trend. Mr. Nutkin was hard to convince, but I think he agrees that this Orla Kiely wallpaper in the living room is delightful.

It's so exciting decorating a new home. Especially one from scratch. The new appliances have arrived.

Mr. Nutkin is thrilled to have a proper stove at last. He is rethinking all the white cupboards and appliances however. Perhaps he may swap them out for some more trendy stainless steel. They are considering cork flooring in the kitchen for comfort, plus some butcher block counter tops. I guess it depends on how creative the builder is going to get.

The walls in the bathroom are partially painted. The lower half of the walls are awaiting subway tile and tile floor. Not fans of gold fixtures, the Nutkins are hoping to resurface the taps with silver finish.

Here's a picture of the young couple. They decided to spend the afternoon doing some yard work. Mrs. Nutkin is not working too hard though, because of the surprise...

Mrs. Nutkin is expecting! The prospective parents are a little concerned because multiples run in their families and their new home may not be big enough. Hmmm. Perhaps another new house will be necessary.


blog designs by sassy said...

the surprise! I love it! Multiples hilarious!!!!

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Saucy said...

Man, you are really going to town! I'm inspired to get some work done on the Bear's cottage... it's sadly neglected :(

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