Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Francais Dollhouse

There's a new contractor in town trying to muscle in on my business. She's cheap, she's efficient, and she works quickly.

Check out this new infill Lizzie built this past weekend.

Two storeys, plus a basement and deck.

I love the green walls in the bedroom. Doesn't the little doll look cozy in the popsicle stick bed?

This girl likes a house with colour. The blue walls contract nicely with the green carpeting in the kitchen. Is that indoor/outdoor carpet? Bold choice.

And she has wallpaper in her living room too. Blue and orange. Lovely colours and such a fantastic pattern.

Of course every modern dollhouse needs a computer station. How did we live without computers?

The bathroom is small but functional. Maybe there's an outdoor shower?

Extra storage in the unfinished basement. I think I see some leftover popsicle sticks for future projects too. Good thinking, Lizzie.

And just like in my real house, the laundry is in the basement. How nice that a chair is provided for some comfort. Looks like there's some laundry to be folded. I always procrastinate on that part too.

This was Javier's request. A hot tub to warm the soul and soothe tired, achy muscles.

Gee, this contractor is good. I better get a move on with the Nutkin house before she comes in and pushes me out of business!


karen said...

A bilingual doll house = how cool is that?

MJ said...

I love how Lizzie has labelled all the items except the hot tub in French & English!! You must be eating a lot of popsicles there (wink)!

Jillian said...

That is SO cute. I'm wondering about the labels...with English and French. So impressed with her design and layout! Goooooooo Lizzie!

PS. I have combined my blogs and reside at BellaRosaAntiques.blogspot.com now...although I am mourning my old blog. Sniff! Didn't think I would miss it.