Thursday, September 3, 2009


Oh, no.

I "accidently" found a new project...

Meet my dining room. It doesn't get used much. Just usually holidays and when I need extra space to spread out my craftwork. Javier loves when I do that.

I was recently taken by a crazy idea that I should flip the piano and dining rooms. See we do use the piano frequently and it's such a beautiful item that it's sad to hide it away behind closed doors.

This would be the piano room. It ends up being the room where we through anything and everything that we can't immediately find a home for - sports equipment, books, papers, and the like.

My big idea is to tear our the ugly, ugly shelves to make more room for our 8-person dining table and move the piano into the dining room.

Javier thought that it would be hard to take out the shelves, but see Javier. The trim came off likety-split. Can we do the switch now?

I'm imagining a lovely graceful dining room that we can keep tidy all year round (or mess up for craft projects, ha ha) and just close the door on it.

Then we can sit on the couch in the living room and gaze out at Lizzie practicing her piano lessons on our beautiful baby grand.

What a nice vision...

But I guess I should finish some other projects first.

This is my latest and greatest. My first patchwork quilt. It's baby sized. Perfect for a first timer. The front is all pieced together, now the quilting begins. I'll post more photos when it's done. I just hope I can finish it before my friend's baby comes at the end of the month. Yikes. Better get sewing.


sassy studio said...

happy switching! the piano is amazing. I kinda like the shelves in a retro way- recently in Miami our hotel was totally cool and had tons of wood-whole walls with built in shelves for art.....but then again thehotel also had floors that glowed blue! Love the quilt too!

Saucy said...

You are a brave woman. I would have a hard time ridding a house of any sort of shelving, bookshelves, no matter what state they were in. Case in point: the bookshelves in our basement (aka "The Pit" as the kids call it), a completely finished basement but they cheaped out on the shelving, but I can't bring myself to take it out because practical me worries about where all those unused cookbooks will end up.

You've got moxie, friend. Now bring on that piano.