Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Do you believe in omens?

How quickly life changes. One day I'm trying to convince Javier to help me do a major rearrange in the house. A few days later there's a real estate agent pounding a For Sale sign in our front yard and we are excited about a new house.

An hour after we signed our paperwork, Javier called me outside to see something. Just to the left of our house, in the soft pink twilight sky, were two very large and very beautiful rainbows.

We love our current house but the new one has an incredible view and the potential for being even more amazing.

The rainbows seemed like a good omen. I think we've made the right decision.


sassy studio said...

ahhh! I'm shocked! Your house seems so loved and so well...you! How do the cats feel about this move? (and when do we get to see pics!!!)

Shana said...

You crack me up. About 8-9 weeks ago, we did the same exact thing. Put a FSBO sign in the yard on a completely out-of-the-blue whim when I saw a great deal on a townhouse while out for a jog. Sadly, we're still trying to sell. And the "keeping the house clean to show it" business has lost its charm. OK. There never was any charm there. But it's gotten REALLY OLD.

Jillian said...

Congrats on your decision! We loved our old house and decided when we moved to the new one we loved it even more. I still miss our old front porch but it's never good to look back. Always look forward! And hey, always look at a pretty rainbow when it appears! Bonus!