Monday, August 31, 2009

The Armoire

Remember this armoire that I purchase for $50 way back in June?

What about the yucky cardboard backing? Ring any bells?

Well, the inside of the unit got a new beadboard backing and a couple coats of primer followed by Vintage Orange gloss enamel.

This picture does not to the colour justice. It's a beautiful bright orange that possibly hums a bit as you approach. It certainly glows. I was a bit worried when I started the painting, thinking perhaps I was being a bit too bold, but I figure that deep in the midst of a dreary cold winter, this dash of orange will make our days.

The outside of the armoire got a good sanding following by deep conditioning, new stain, and a polish of beeswax and orange oil. I'm happy with the way it turned out, but I think it looks a bit inadequate for this space. The 6 foot armoire that looked so big in the door is dwarfed by our 10 foot ceilings. I think maybe we need to add some feet (Javier's suggestion) and a fun door knob, maybe from Anthropologie.

In the end though, I have a fairly inexpensive solution for coat storage this coming season. Altogether the armoire cost about $130 with paint and everything.


Shana said...

Love it. And $130 for a piece that size is still an unbelievable deal. Nicely done : )

Jillian said...

I love the feet idea! Great makeover project. Jen of Sanctuary Arts at Home does transformation posts often and invites others to join her. Maybe you'll want to share your armoire!

sassy studio said...

looks great.....feet or a base would add some height for sure.

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