Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Why do we want to move again?

One thing you quickly realized about selling your house is that it has never looked better. Javier and I have both queried why we would leave this beautiful house. And it is looking mighty fine. Beds are made as soon as we wake up, surfaces are dusted and dishes are clean AND put away. I feel so motivated. I should have pretended to move years ago for a house like this.

Yesterday I went down to the other house to take pictures to remind myself why we are doing this.

Check out this view.

This is standing on the deck of the house. All I can say is wow. I can completely imagine summer mornings sitting with my coffee, watching the river flow by.

And look, some neighbours came out to welcome us to the neighbourhood.

What a friendly place!


clarabelle said...

Looks perfect...we did the same. We spent a good couple of years getting our old house to the perfect state that we wanted it (major reno) and then decided to follow a dream and move to the sea! Never looked back.

Good Luck with the sale... love the deer too.

Take Care

Shana said...


Are you in a position to go ahead and buy the new place before the old place sells? We are not. We are not moving until we sell our current house.

And you're right, with it all spic and span, sometimes I wonder why we didn't do this years ago!

Also, every person who looks at our house and does not buy it (and there have been many), I have a bad attitude towards. What? This house is awesome? How can you not what this house? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?

Yeah, that's healthy.

Debachu said...

Wait, what? You're moving?

MJ said...

I think you are just looking for new renos to blog about! Good luck with the selling and moving!

sassy studio said...

wow! now I get it! What a beautiful place OR! Youa reone lucky family!!!! Think about all the creating you can do in the fresh air with that view!