Monday, August 24, 2009

Working and decorating

That's all I seem to do anymore. Not that I'm complaining. I spent the years I was in school dreaming of the day when I'd have a little more cash available to pretty up my home. And I spent those school years preparing for work, so I can't really complain about working too hard!

Here's some of what I've been up to.

I swapped out my farmhouse table with another slightly larger one that my in-laws gave us. I know...there's an awful lot of brown wood in my kitchen, which I'd love to change but not an option at this point. I meant to take the farmhouse table downstairs but I kind of like the island that accidently happened. I need another opinion on this. Too busy? I hope to find some different chairs at some point so add a dash of colour.

I finally sewed one of my Airstream embroideries into a pillow. Perfect fit I think.

And recovered my bed's cushions with some new covers as well. Embroidery by me. My room is really coming together...albeit very slowly.

One of my new obsessions is spray painting ugly mirrors and accessories white. I've got a similar set on the other side of the window. I plan to collect more and cover the walls. But it's a start.

My latest project is working on the cabinet I bought a few months ago. I hope to reveal it in the next few weeks. It should be fabulous (I hope).


MJ said...

I'm impressed with your spray painting and embroidery talents!

Debachu said...

I like the island greatly. The inlaws table seems a bit big with it ... but you're the one who has to work in that kitchen so if it works for you the heck with the rest.

sassy studio said...

love the farm house tables...I think your island looks perfect and I love the all woods too. The mirrors with the white framing looks so elegant I want to try one myself! We have silly plaster walls in 1/2 the house and I always make the hole in the wrong spot...any tips?

Saucy said...

White spray paint = every decorator's secret weapon! It's all coming together nicely.

I saw not one, but two airstreams in town here over the past week. One of them was truly vintage but in very good shape!

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