Thursday, July 16, 2009

My favourite thrifty find EVER

For a while now, I've been searching for the perfect piece to put in my entryway. It had to be something functional - a bench or perhaps an armoire for storing those bulky winter coats. It also had to be cool - antique or vintage. The perfect piece eluded me in all my searches of antique stores recently. Either too expensive or not quite right, you know.

Until yesterday!

I found this in the thrift store down the hill- the store I haunt several times a week, yet rarely find anything intriguing or treasure-worthy at. I saw this tall brown cupboard as soon as I made my way into the furniture area, and I really, truly did a dance of joy when I spied the price tag - $50! Squealing ensued, just so you know.

At just over 6 feet tall and 4 feet wide, it will be perfect for my entryway.

Granted, it's pretty rustic. Note the cardboard back it currently wears. However, I think a nice piece of MDF will fix that right up.

This will be its new home. Of course now I have to find new homes for these pictures. Oh the hardship.

I love a good find...(smile)


sassy studio said...

great find! you would just love Yoda's hillbilly bar-totally rustic-y! he made the walls from our old fence! barn board style-you new armoir is fab,much more sophisticated!

MJ said...

Isn't it great saving something? Plus finding a new use for it?! Good for you!

3rdEyeMuse said...

congratulations on the perfect find!!

Jillian said...

WOW! That is an amazing piece. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

I posted about the bags today! Hop on over...thanks again!

Saucy said...

You found it! Fantastic. Are you going to just add the MDF and leave it at that or are you planning on painting it or fixing it up?

Veto and I went to a great store in Vancouver called The Farmhouse, they find pieces like that and refurbish them, but not to look especially fine, they layer paint and distress them even more and add new hardware. You should google it.