Thursday, November 6, 2008

The list

Javier and I have played a little game throughout my school years. It's the "when I(you) have a job..." game. It's a list of things we want to buy and do once I have an actual paying job, instead of the job I currently occupy that I have to PAY to do.

Want to hear some of the things that have made the list over the years. Some are obviously more my ideas that Javier's

When I have a job....

  • A maid will clean the house on a weekly or biweekly basis.
  • Javier and I will be able to buy all the clothes we want. I hope to stop looking like an escapee from the show, What Not to Wear. I'm serious folks. It's not pretty some days.
  • We will travel, travel, travel.
  • I will have pretty nails and toes once again because I will go for regular manicures and pedicures. Washing your hands 50 times a day and being on your feet for 8 hours at a time takes a toll. And maybe, just maybe, I'll get them to wax my eyebrows while I'm at it.
  • We will buy art for our walls so people don't think we just moved in.
  • Javier and I will both get laser eye surgery. He gets to go first, because he paid for my braces a few years ago.
  • We will finish decorating our third floor loft so it looks more like a media/entertainment room and less like a DVD warehouse.
  • Fresh flowers will fill my vases around the house.
  • I will replace my mismatched everyday china
There are certain suggestions that come up out of frustration, such as
  • Next time I will PAY someone to paint this blankety-blank-blank fence.
Other suggestions are merely wishing thinking, as in
  • We are moving to [insert tropical destition with ocean view] so I (Javier) can set up a beach hut and surf all day.
By my modest estimates we have spent my first few years' nursing wages several times over in our minds by now. It's fun dreaming though.

What's on your "When I...." list?


Firefly Hill said...

I would go for the travel too!!

As for fabricland...boycott!! I buy all of my fabric,, Check them out!

So happy about your Mom...that is great news!

Anonymous said...

I would like the travel.

Shana said...

I had a similar list when I was finishing up court reporting school. Oh, the wonderful things we would do! But then, oops, when you have a job? They actually expect you to come to work, the nerve! So the reality for us ended up being that the first three years of me being out of school have basically been devoted to repaying student loans. Bah humbug.

Saucy said...

Travel of course... but if you want a very funny story and this might come out sounding odd... Veto offered me a face lift if I want it! I was complaining bitterly about the toll my prednisone has taken on my face (I have the moon thing going on for the last couple of weeks and it ain't pretty) and he gallantly said, "if it bothers you, when we sell the flip house you may get a face lift if it would make you feel better" of course he clarified that he does not think it is necessary, blah, blah I am still beautiful blah, blah but honestly I think it was adorable that he offered!

sassy studio said...

OOOOO I steam over the cranky ladies at our Fabricland toooo! They are consistenly rude also..did you know you have to pay if you lose your card, yup, nice huh! I have tried boycotting also but break down so now I just go in and smile my best to hide my gritting teeth!
Great list! I remember student days like it was yesterday.....I can't wait to hear about a shopping spree!

Anonymous said...

No question about it: Cleaning help.