Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I am NOT an unreasonable person. I have certain standards and I just like things just so, right? I headed over to my city's one and only fabric store last Thursday for some last minute Halloween supplies. My Canadian friends are familiar with this store and it's policy of offering discounts only to its members, kind of like Safeway now that I think about it. Only at Fabricland, you have to buy the membership. But no matter. I'll gladly hand over my $15 for a year's worth of inexpensive fabric. After all, a girl needs what a girl needs.

So here's the deal. I went around the store and picked up my selections and headed for the cutting table. The salesladies were all standing around talking AND the store was empty of any other customers. I plunked my bolts of cloth down on the table and remembered that I left my membership card in my other wallet. I politely asked the saleslady if I would be able to get my discount because I had mistakenly left my card at home and did not have time to go home to get it. All she said was "no". "Surely," I said, "you can look up my number, after all I am here all the time". "No" was the reply once again. They went back to what they were doing and I was left standing there. After 15 minutes later (okay, that's an exaggeration, more like 45 seconds) another salesperson asked me if I needed helped. Feeling rather put out, I snapped, "I certainly hope somebody will at least cut the fabric, since I can't have my discount!" 

Okay, that really does seem kind of snarky, but I go there 2-3 times a month if not more. It's a small store and they know me. We talk about my projects and they couldn't take the time to give me my discount. Company policy. Bah! I've worked enough sales & retail to know that every manager has the power to give someone a discount.

So, I'm boycotting the store. I guess it's probably not much of a loss on their part as they kind of have a monopoly on the fabric market and I have nowhere to shop. So maybe I'll really be the loser in this. But I will have my principles!

Additional note: I came home today to a message from Fabricland about their current sale from one of their sales people. Obviously they have a list of members somewhere in that store so they could call them all. Yet, they couldn't give me my discount without my card. I think some nasty letters are in the works.


Shana said...

Good for you for standing your ground. That is ridiculous. I don't get upset about much when I shop, but crappy customer service really pisses me off.

Saucy said...

I am 100% behind you sister because THEY DID THE EXACT SAME THING TO ME and I've never set foot in that store again! Plus they were so snippy about it. SO SNIPPY you can't imagine.

And you know, they have a book where they keep the numbers. They just don't want to look it up. An old friend of mine from high school worked there and she told me so.

You are officially on my rebel list for the day!

Jan said...

Good for you, the bitches. Please go one step further, maybe two. Write a letter to the owner, CEO, explaining what happened and how you felt. I know they could have easily looks it up. They were just lazy. Also write to the manager at that location.

Ashley said...

I agree with you! I absolutely hate it when employees are rude and lazy! I mean, they are being paid to WORK not to stand around and chit chat to coworkers and then turn around and be rude to the people who are essentially paying their wages! Yargh! I would definitely call the store and talk to the manager and if you remember the name of the employee mention her specifically.

Suz said...

That is exactly what you need to do! Companies wouldn't be in business if it weren't for their loyal customers and what you wanted wasn't unreasonable. State your case and if they don't listen, take your business elsewhere.

3rdEyeMuse said...

I'm always amazed when confronted with people in any service industry that display such overt lack of manners and contempt ... makes me wonder what their mama's are like (infact, occasionally I have tossed out a little "I bet your mom is really proud of you" in my sugary sweet sarcastic tone. If there was one here, I'd boycott it just for you.

Jillian said...

Oh yes, definite boycott! That is terrible. After paying fifteen smackers a year, too. Awful!