Monday, November 3, 2008

She's pretty "pun"ny

We get excited about new businesses around here. When Lizzie, Javier, and I saw that the former optometrist, which was formerly a bakery, was undergoing a transformation we were curious to see what we'd be getting. Every time we walked by, we had speculated that it was a new store, a new cafe maybe? Lizzie and I were disappointed when the brown paper finally came off the windows and the marquee went up. It was a stinky law office. What?

However, being clever girls we joked that we'd have to stop by the new law office for a "cup of law" or a nice steamy bowl of "law chowder", mmmm. Lizzie surprised me by coming up with "let's go there for a law-te (latte)". Okay, maybe it's an inside joke and only a member of our family would think it funny. But I'm impressed. A survivor of multiple psychology courses, I knew that the capacity for puns develops during this stage of development (according to Piaget). 

All those psychology courses apparently paid off and I actually learned something. And, my girl is smart!

Lizzie knows it's just part of being a princess.

I caught this picture of little Lizzie on the computer the other day. We'd just come back from skating photos and I noticed she'd put a tiara on when she changed into her regular clothes.

And she denies that she a girly-girl!


Shana said...

I don't remember where I saw it, but I once read "Tiara is a state of mind." Looks like Lizzie knows what that is all about : )

Anonymous said...

I love the picture here

sassy studio said...

I love the cat by Lizzie-best buddies! We all need a little glam in our lives! Congrats to your Mom!

Saucy said...

Yes Miss Lizzie is a princess and she needs a little Saucy-time in February to cap it all off! I am thinking girl mani-pedis for the lot of us.