Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Today is the first day back to school for my Lizzie. We have a tradition of taking pictures before school to document the day. We try to use the same doorway for the photos and it's neat seeing how much she's grown and changed over the years. We don't have kindergarten or grade 1 pictures because we moved from another city at the end of grade 1. I can assure you though, she was ADORABLE.

Grade 2: a little apprehensive as she'd only had two months with her classmates in grade 1, so it was a bit like starting in a brand new school. Within the week, though, she'd made a bunch of "best-friends". She looks so little in this photo, with her sweet face.

Grade 3: a little taller. The "pretty" colours of younger childhood were being discarded in favour of the browns that look so good on my little one. Same school this year, but she had a fight with her 1 true friend at the end of the year. The night before the first day of school, Lizzie gathered together all her courage and telephoned her little friend to make amends. I was so proud of her that day. 

Grade 4: Another year, another skirt. And the same headband. This was an anxiety-filled morning as we relocated her to yet another new school. She adapts so well, and I think grade 4 was her best year yet, academically & socially. She maintained her friendships with children from her old school, plus made some dear new friends at the new school. Plus, this was the first year with a boy teacher, the beloved Mr. Bastian, who charmed the children with his guitar and love of all things mechanical. 

Grade 5: Today! The first year without a skirt. We had one laid out to wear but it was too chilly this morning. Today we spent more time fixing her hair than usual before school. She's growing up. Lizzie was most definitely NOT excited about going back to school today. The summer was just filled with too much fun. However, when she saw the friends she hadn't seen since June, her little face lit up. The little girl who's usually reluctant to show much public affection, ran up to one little friend and gave her a big hug. This year we have a grade 4/5 split and a change from private to alternative school status, which means what, I'm not entirely sure, except the school gets some public funds. I'm sure it will an exciting year. I can't wait for the report at the end of the day!

This week is transitional for me too. I start my last semester of school and my senior rotation next week. I'll be in the neonatal intensive care unit taking care of premies and sick infants. I'm a little nervous, but excited too. No more babies at home, but I expect time for lots of cuddles at work.

This is also my transition to being a "grown up mommy". By this I mean that I plan to be way more organized that ever before. I have a complete schedule typed out for the fall with all three of our schedules, plus 4 solid weeks of menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This is a new venture for me as I am usually a fly-by-the-seat-my-pants type of girl, but years of hair pulling and frustration had led me to this, this incredible organization, complete with recipes and shopping lists! Wow. I'm impressing myself. Maybe I can make it through the fall without missing important appointments.

The weather is also in transition. Lots of cooler mornings. Too cold even to sit on the porch with my morning coffee. There are yellow leaves on the ground and I'm smelling a touch of fall in the air today. But it's sunshiney so all is well.

Have a good day friends.


Madge said...

Great first-day-of-school photos. I so much admire your planned out menus. I keep meaning to do that. Hoping to someday become a grown-up mommy myself.

Lisa Milton said...

Jeans. I get it. Lexi starts 5th grade tomorrow and she's all sporty these days.


Grown up Mommy, enjoy your day. I'll be with you in thought, come tomorrow.

Jan said...

This is a great post, and I really like that you used the same doorway for each shot.

Tara said...

Hi OR:

What a nice idea to take your daughter's pic in the same area year after year--she is a doll!

I, too, try to plan out my meals and I try to email my husband all of our activities for the week--sometimes it works, sometimes no, but at least I attempt, right?

Looks like you'll be busy this semester--I think you are going to enjoy those babies!


so NOT cool said...

I really like this series of photos. It's so interesting to look at someone on, essentially, the same day every year. Especially when that someone is growing up.

If I were in grade 5, I'd definitely want to be her friend.

I am so glad that cooler weather is on the way.

MJ said...

It was fun to see how Lizzie has changed! Hope her first day of school went well and that she's more enthused now!

Debachu said...

Wow. What have you done with my little niece? You thought I wouldn't notice if you replaced her with a young woman?!

Give her a big public hug from her crazy Aunty Ducky.

3rdEyeMuse said...

what a wonderful tradition - how fun that is to see the changes! I hope Lizzie had an excellent first day and a fabulous 5th grade year!

cheers to you for trying to be more organized ... I wish you great success!

Firefly Hill said...

Lizzie really is just beautiful! I love seeing the progressive photos. Good luck with work and being a grown up mommy!