Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What grown-up mommy is up to today

I'm not so sure on this grown-up mommy (hereafter known as "GUM"). It seems I had way more "me" time as an immature, fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants, slacker mommy. However, I am getting lots accomplished, my house is becoming much tidier, the laundry almost complete, and I'm less stressed in the morning. So maybe it's not all bad.

Today, I am baking. Trying to fill my soon-to-be-purchased freezer with baked delights to feed my family in the coming months. Above you see some most delicious and very pink cranberry oatmeal muffins. This is what happened when you walk away from the food processor and accidently puree your supposed-to-be-chopped cranberries.

I've still made time for some other projects. This little linen tote holds Lizzie's piano books. Seems I was always grabbing the wrong ones, so now, she's responsible for making sure the bag is filled appropriately before she leaves for school on piano days.

I'm also still doing lots of embroidery. I hope to send this towel out to a special friend later today.

And this little girl is on her way to a friend who loves books even more than I do. A little thank you for something she sent me.

The final tally on my "is he cute or ugly?" question is 5-1 that Oliver is adorable. The negative vote really doesn't count because I suspect it was planted by a certain Ugly-ver supporter around this house. Oliver is very relieved and is sleeping off the excitement.


Lisa Milton said...

Look at you, being a very productive GUM.

I need to follow suit.

Jillian said...

OF COURSE HE IS CUTE! Look how relaxed he is...that's a sign of a happy cat.

Love your linens and the work you did.


MJ said...

You are one busy GUM! Hope all this work didn't pop the bubble of energy surrounding you!

Firefly Hill said...

Oliver is cute! You are one very productuve GUM!

Jan said...

Yes, Oliver is cute. Are you sharing the recipe for very pink cranberry oatmeal muffins? They sound yummy.

Shana said...

I like the idea of trying to be a GUM. Maybe I'll take it a step further and even try to be a GUW, a grown-up wife, unlike the current kind of lazy/sloppy girlfriend type wife that my poor husband has to contend with. Could be worth a try!

Anonymous said...

Wait? What is this grown-up business to which you refer? We're supposed to be ADULTS? When did that happen? Why wasn't I informed? Does this mean I can't have M&Ms for lunch?

3rdEyeMuse said...

yum! ... hmmm ... I don't think they'd make it into my freezer. :) those are pretty wonderful gifties you made - soooo sweet! cute. definitely cute!

little dresses said...

I did a little happy dance when I read thet your laundry was almost done. HOW STINKIN GOOD DOES THAT FEEL!!?? That could be the best feeling in the world!