Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Saucy's virtual wedding party

One of my favourite bloggers and the inspiration for starting my own blog, dear Saucy has been sharing photos & stories from her wedding all month. Today, she's invited us all to celebrate our own wedding celebrations. Stop by and visit Saucy today for links to some other wedding stories, but now it's on to my own stories.

It was September 1990 and the sun was hot. Apparently I was not too happy to be participating in my cousin's wedding. Was it the fumes from the other girl's hairspray, or perhaps it was the teal-blue polyester gown? How about those dropped shoulders? Never a flattering look when your postures not very nice. I think if you peeked under the hem of my gown you might spy dyed-to-match satin pumps. And I'm pretty sure my eyeliner matched too! The highlight of the evening was definitely my mother puking in the parking lot. Aah, the memories.

Fast forward 11 or so years to my own wedding. Much more elegant I think. I had no attendants, just my sweet little Lizzie as the flower girl. Our wedding was very small, just our parents, my grandmother, & Javier's sisters. And it was perfect. I love that she's making a "kissy-face" as we shared our own kiss.

Oh we had problems. Our photographers wanted us to change our wedding time so "the light was better". The JP changed our wedding vows minutes before the wedding and forgot the special part at the end where Javier promised to always be a great daddy to Lizzie & gave her a little locket. I still don't know what I said in my vows. But, oh well. Thinking back it was like a dream. And I got to marry the man of my dreams!

We married in Victoria, BC (Canada) in a little B&B, a lovely Italianate mansion, near the ocean. It rained nearly all weekend, so we planned the ceremony indoors. But, miracle of miracles...the sun came out a mere 2 hours before the wedding and dried everything out. The sun shined down on us as we became man & wife, and continued until we took the last photo. Then it was a down pour! 
We celebrated a month later at a local Calgary pub with all of our friends & plenty of alcohol, but we forgot our camera and in the end had no photos of that event. Oh well, at least we have the memories!


Liz said...

I so enjoyed these pictures! That first one of you was hilarious! I think I wore a very similar dress to my aunt's wedding, only it was dusty rose. Remember when that color was all the rage?

Your wedding photos are so beautiful, exactly suited to your personality. Classy, not fussy. :)

Melissa said...

How lovely (except for your bridesmaid gown in that first pic -- I had to wear a pink one with a huge bow on my butt for my brother's wedding)! Your own wedding pics are excellent.

I love love love it when kids are included in their parent's marriage/remarriage. Too bad the JP changed the ceremony, but it's the thought that counts! I was worried about something like that with ours and pissed off the minister so much that he wouldn't speak to me.

PS: thanks for coming by my blog!

Karen said...

Your pictures are lovely. I love the kissy face! How cute.
And as nice as it is to have photos, it is the memories that we'll have forever.

Oh and I think I wore that same dress in teal blue. Did it have a big bow on your butt? Mine did!

Jan said...

I love your wedding photos, and the story of your wedding. I enlarged the last one, to get a good look. You two are a great looking couple. I hope Lizzie got her locket, anyway.

alittlebitofscrap said...

Gorgeous photos! Sounds like you had sunshine for your big day and what a lovely place! Aren't simple weddings the best? I'm a little partial mine was elegant and simple as well :)

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

What wonderful pictures, especially the one with your dear daughter ~ just priceless!

Please come visit my wedding party when you get a chance!

Angelic Accents

MJ said...

Lovely wedding photos! I suspected a story along these lines considering how you write so adoringly of Javier...

3rdEyeMuse said...


... do you think we all have a horror of a bridesmaids dress in our history - I have seen worse but the look on your face couldn't say more!

I love, love, love your wedding picture (the one with Lizzy & her kissy face). That it is black and white makes it that much better. :) Congrats on finding the man of your dreams.

Janet said...

I love a simple wedding; I love how yours ended up working out :-)

Heidi said...

I love how the weather interacted with your wedding day!

Beautiful photos, and I'm sure, fantastic memories to start your life together.

ps- I've been visiting your blog, thanks for stopping by mine today too!

stephanie (bad mom) said...

The black & white is simply gorgeous. And of course you two are darling, especially that precious kissy-face girl :)

Lisa Milton said...

I've always thought the celebration part later makes sense: After the stress and honeymoon, just for fun.

You did it right!

(And you look so lovely.)

Tara said...

A simple, beautiful wedding for 2 great people, love your pics!

Firefly Hill said...

Your wedding pics are beautiful!
The bridesmaid pic is funny--I have one of me like that from my uncle's wedding!


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

The one on the stairs is gorgeous--I love the black and white.

Mary Alice said...

Oh my goodness those photos are so I wish I had had a proper wedding and proper wedding photos!