Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Greetings from small town Alberta

I'm a quarter of the way through my rural nursing rotation in my former home town of Pincher Creek, Alberta. It's very strange coming home, familiar yet different. I see many familiar faces. I went for a short walk downtown last week and saw four people that I knew. Rural life is definitely not about anonymity. I will definitely take a shower next time I leave the house!

I'm staying with my mother when I'm not working, which presents it's own challenges. I love my mother. Remember how nice she is? It's just I haven't lived at home for close to 20 years and she has a very small apartment. She's very excited to have me home and wants to take care of me, which is nice, but sometimes just too much. I have a mantra..."just a few more days and I can go home...she means well", which I repeat to myself over and over. I want to stress, I do love this woman, but I do not want to live with her!

This is the type of scenery I grew up with. Most days the Rocky Mountains are very clear in the background. There is lots of ranching and wheat farming in this area. For recreation, there is skiing, nearby Waterton Lakes National Park, and some reservoirs and small lakes. It's a lovely little town of less than 4,000. A little small for a girl who's a big city girl at heart, but it's a hometown one can be proud of!

Our biggest export? Wind. In the form of electricity, course. As you approach Pincher Creek from the highway you will see a row of windmills. Kind of eerie, but neat at the same time. It is extremely windy here at times. I can remember struggling to walk home from school against the wind and leaning backwards supported by the wind. Wind strengths of 100 km/hour are not uncommon. I don't remember the wind as so annoying when I was younger. I guess a person gets used to it.

I miss my constant internet access, but it's kind of nice to be cut off at the same time. I will spend time "visiting" when I get home again, as I'm just borrowing the library's computer. I am definitely more homesick than I'd anticipated. I miss my family and my own bed. I miss snuggling with my kitties.

By the way, Javier thinks the cable guy looks like Vince as well.

Image source: www.pinchercreek.ca; www.picasaweb.google.com; www.municipalredbook.com


Ducky said...

A gorgeous town indeed, a beauty the likes of which I did not at all appreciate until I moved away. (I guess I thought everyone had a view of the mountains from their bathroom window)

Jillian said...

Pretty country! Thanks for showing the pictures...

I know what you mean about "living with Mom" ...I love her too but I think after three days we both start thinking about "being home," depending on who's house it is!

It is nice to be taken care of though!


MJ said...

I couldn't live with my mother either. A weekend with her suffices! What's the expression: distance makes the heart grow fonder?

Firefly Hill said...

Looks beautiful there!


Liz said...

What a beautiful place! And the best part, I bet it isnt HOT there like it is here. We hit 92 yesterday.