Thursday, April 3, 2008

Our neighbourhood is for the birds

I had wanted to participate in "Bling your birdhouse day" on March 27th hosted by Karla's Cottage and Beth Leintz, but I completely missed the boat on that. I guess I was too busy. However, I still want to share these marvelous creations.

When we purchased our house, we inherited three birdhouses. They were all made by the father of the previous owner. He is tremendously talented. There were more scattered around the yard, but the owner couldn't part with them. He also built our back deck, and it is also quite lovely.

Here is Birdie McMansion. Note, I've never seen any birds hanging out around this place, even when there was food around it. I think I remember that some grass may be growing in the front "porch" it's too early yet to tell if we'll see any this year.
Here's Robin's Hood. I'm just making these names up as I go along. Sadly, I've never seen any robins here, but I believe there might be a nasty wasp's nest inside. I'm afraid to find out.

Finally, the Little House in the Big Wood (or Tree). I'm wondering if the birds are a little intimidated by these houses. Maybe they have lower expectations or something. We have a lot of birds around here so far as I can tell at 6:00am on spring and summer mornings (they like to wake us up).

On a completely different note, I have less than one week left in the semester! Woo hoo! I've had such a great time the last while, working in maternity and NICU. It's kind of sad to move on, but I've decided that I want these areas for my final senior focus next fall. After next week, I have finals, then a couple weeks of break, then we come back for spring semester. It will be fun though, because we get to go do rural nursing. Everyone is posted to a hospital in a smaller community and the experiences are apparently quite diverse. I'm sure I'll have lots more nursing adventures to share in the next months, with respect to confidentiality of course.


Cottage Contessa said...

All I can say is Oh My Goodness! These bird houses are gorgeous! Forget the birds, I'm ready to move in! lol Have a terrific weekend sweetie!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa) said...

Crazy birds, what luxurious homes! Amanda is right in her comment, and I think there is room for us both in one of those homes. I'd move in!

Thanks for joining in the party.

MJ said...

Lovely birdhouses! I was planning on painting some birdhouses but then discovered that birds in painted birdhouses are more attractive to cats so I didn't want to create a bird smorgasborg!

Tara said...

These bird houses are fabulous, how nice they came with the house! I want the first one by the by!


Debachu said...

You're lucky you have anyone in YOUR house with Rain around. (Javier may speak cruelly to the cats -- but I'm convinced Rain started it)

Love Auntie Ducky

Cottage Contessa said...

Sweetie, I have something for you over at my place when you have a chance to pop by!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)