Wednesday, April 2, 2008

It required incredible willpower, but...

I walked away. I have a major problem with magazines. Especially the crafting and decorating magazines. Fashion, not so much. I pick up a magazine and I just get so excited. Remember how I felt at the Japanese bookstore? 

These images are from the latest issue of Vogue Knitting. I wasn't all that excited with this month's offering, until I found these sweaters. I can just imagine bustling around town this spring in one of these cute little sweaters. The problem is I rarely have time to make these things. In my mind, I'd track down the right yarns and start working on the project right away. In reality, the magazine would joins the masses of other magazines on my shelves, waiting to inspire me. 

I'm trying to stick to my book & magazine diet. It's pretty tough, but walking away from the magazines was a good thing, especially in light of the fact I ruined one of Javier's favourite shirts today ironing. It was the iron's fault, honest! 

My "diet" will continue for, shall I say six months, or is that too optimistic? Maybe I'll just start with two months & see how it goes. What will I do?


clarabelle said...

I am the same with home magazines. I love them and can't walk out of the store without a small handful - and that is not to mention the ones that get "delivered" to my door via subscription! However, my home has yet to look anything like as organised and "put together" and what I aspire it to be....ho hum - I will continue in small doses.
Take Care
Clare x

MJ said...

I like the two outside sweaters the best! I hope you pick one of those!