Monday, March 31, 2008

Is it March 31st or December 31st?

The calendar states that it is the last day of March, but looking out the window this morning, I'm not so sure. We went for a walk yesterday afternoon. It was a lovely day, a little crisp, with just a few fluffy snowflakes coming down. We remarked that if it was a day in November how exciting the snow would be. Sigh. It is pretty though.

I seem to remember sometime way back mentioning this was a CRAFT blog, but it seems that I written about every but crafts. I went through my work basket yesterday, the one that I keep next to my chair in the living room, thinking that I needed to tidy it up a bit. I discovered at least 5 unfinished projects, including this little guy. All his little bits were crocheted, I just needed to sew him together, which is the part I always hate. But I persevered and managed to complete him. He looks a bit deranged, I know, especially the whiskers, but I think he'll be an ideal companion for my friend's new baby boy.

Some of the other projects may be completely abandoned, but I am making it my mission to get some projects completed before starting anything new. Eek, I've got a lot of work to do.


clarabelle said...

Wow that is quite alot of snow for March 31st!. I love this cat! He doesn't look derranged, perhaps a little quizzical??

Oh - I have tagged you! I hope you don't mind? Come over and visit and you can see.
Take Care
Clare x

Florence said...

Oh so clever! I find crochet to be so, so difficult! Much admiration!

Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog, by the way. x

Tara said...

CAn you believe the snow?

I have tagged you for a 6 word meme on my blog today, telling your life's philosophy in 6 words--hop over for rules, hope you'll play!

Mrs. G. said...

We had spring snow too. My pansies are flowercicles.

Firefly Hill said...

Oh that is too bad about the snow!! I know you must be ready for spring weather!
Looks like you had a really great trip to Seattle.