Sunday, March 30, 2008

Seattle Part 3: All the Rest

I promise this is the last Seattle post...and I'm doing it only for you MJ, my vicarious traveller. 

I completely forgot that we went to the aquarium on one afternoon. I neglected to bring the camera, so this is the only fish I can show you. This will be our 2008 Christmas ornament. The fish at aquarium were so amazing. I can hardly believe the wide variety of colours & patterns that originate in nature. We were continually pointing out this fish and that fish, and ooohing and aahing.

This is our obligatory goofy goggles photo at the IMAX.

I loved all the sculptures at the Olympic Sculpture Park, especially the eyes.

I didn't even realize that it was a bench!

We are not even close to have blossoms around here. Look at these trees!

This tree was absolutely amazing. I looked at it first thinking it was just a regular 'naked' tree and we see plenty of those around here. But then I realized that it was made of metal. This was another sculpture in the Olympic Sculpture park. Plus this is evidence that the sun actually does shine in Seattle!

I loved our trip to Seattle. There was so much more that we could have explored. I never had a chance to have sushi, though Javier and I shared a big crab pot. I wish that I had just taken an hour or two and just sat and soaked up the ambience in one of the local independent coffee shops, but alas, the desire to shop was just too strong. Oh well, just another excuse to go back.


sheer whimsy said...

how fun!! i must make a trip there sometime soon!

MJ said...

Glad I popped by! I can't miss a post crafted for me!

I love collecting ornaments (especially X'mas ones) during my travels. Each year, as I bring them out, I am reminded of the time/place. Thanks for the little trip! It was great and, for me, very cost-efficient!