Friday, January 18, 2008

WARNING: Proud Mommy Alert

Little E was in a spelling bee today at school. She made it to the third round, even with some pretty difficult words: idiom, hickory & sombrero. She was 4th out of 10 students in grades 4 through 9. We moved her to a Christian school this year from the public system for a number of reasons. So we were a little worried how the transition with the new friends and different teaching would affect her school work, but apparently she's thriving. J and I are just so proud of her. She stayed home most of yesterday because of the same nasty cold I had, but she literally bounded out of bed this morning and ran into my room shouting "I feel great". What a little trooper. She didn't want to miss out on the spelling bee or the Tigers hockey game tonight with dad & friends. Did I say that I'm proud of my little miss?

Update: My getaway to Calgary got cancelled so I made myself better by ordering a few books at, including this one. I also got stuck taking three little girls to the hockey game tonight. I don't even like hockey, so I think I'm even more justified with my purchases!

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Renee :) said...

Hello out there!I just saw a comment from you on I think saucy blog,so I wanted to come check out your blog as you never know what's out there till you look,so congrats on your new blog.My digital camera has been down so once it comes back to life I will have to learn how to upload pics so I can share some on my blog since it's rather boring right now.Anyways,I will put your link on my blog later on if that's ok with you.Renee