Thursday, January 17, 2008

Favorite Corner #1

I love my home, but I have a lot of work to do until it's perfect. So until I can get everything just the way I want it, I will celebrate some of my favourite parts of my home. This area is special because it reminds me of my old apartment in Vancouver's West End. My daughter and I had this magical little place about 500 square feet in size and it was PERFECT. It's hard to create the same kind of feeling in a much bigger house. This is where I study and relax by myself. My cats usually join me. One on my stomach or chest and the other on my feet. Sometimes I just sit and listen to my little girl chatter in her room with her friends. Such things I discover! Apparently, even at 9, kids know their parents just don't get it! 

I only set up this area a few months ago. It used to be our primary office, but we now have another computer downstairs, so now it's my space. I want to make it cozier with more pictures on the walls, lots of lovely little objects on the shelves, and pretty curtains instead of blinds on the window but that will take time. For now I'm pretty happy with it.

The afghan is my "5 North Blanket". I made every hexagon and diamond during my night shifts at the hospital over the summer. I sewed it together recently and discovered some oddly shaped pieces that I'm sure were crocheted at the end of the night when I could hardly see straight. I love it's patchwork feel. I made it based on a book I picked up at the library, something about Granny Squares. 

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Patti said...

We all love our own little spaces. In a family it's a fight. But love yours.

(you're right 9 year old girls know more than their parents, I know I did!)