Saturday, January 19, 2008

Go Tigers Go

I'm happy to say that I made it through hockey game. In the past I've gone with my husband to NHL games which I think I like a bit more, its showy and I have fun watching the hockey wives and girlfriends and the other. Hockey wives are a unique breed of woman...I'm not sure if I could keep myself that well-groomed all the time. Having said that, Medicine Hat loves their Tigers and the fans are passionate about the game. So the fan-watching was fun as was listening to the tidbits of conversation from beside me. Remember I was with three little girls, E & her two good friends. Here are some snippets...
  • Let's start a wave!
  • Go, Tigers, Go..woo woo
  • Did you check out the new Webkins on the website?
  • Cool
  • I'm getting a chocolate bar after this period
  • Aaaaaw, not another penalty
  • Let's stick straws up our nose...look I'm a tiger
I think it was 20% watching the game and 80% giggling. They had fun though, but the Tigers unfortunately lost.


little dresses said...

I found your blog tonight and was surprised to see we have the same color background! We are blog twins. YAY! I am looking forward to seeing more crafty projects.


little dresses said...

Why did I not add that I am a nurse too? We are bloggy twins!

little dresses said...

Of course you can link to me! What's a blogger twin for? LOL!
And yes all the dresses are made by me, then I add the edges. All those patterns are in the book.

MJ said...

Good for you taking 3 girls to a hockey game. It isn't something that has ever dawned on me to do ~ symphony, theater, ballet, yes but hockey no. That is something that my dh and K and N can dream up ~ I might come too, just to get access to the foods!! I've never understood the game ~ perhaps because I haven't been to one?!