Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I made a little girl cry today

Oh don't worry I'm not an ogre. I just started my pediatric rotation today and I had to do a procedure that was a little uncomfortable. Can I just say that I'm going to love working with kids? I was worried that I might have a difficult time working with sick kids because I'm a mom, but seeing that little grin when I say something funny just warms my heart.

I've been sick with a cold since the weekend. I wish I could just get the sniffles like other people, but no. I have to get all sleepy and useless and pathetic. Oh well, sometimes it's nice to let other people take care of me for a change. Maybe I have ulterior motives?

I never did get my list done on the weekend. Sometimes I'm a bit too ambitious. Here's my new list in no particular order:

  • Bioethics - yuck (at the top of every list...I'd be perfectly will to come and clean someone's house if they would finish this course for me)
  • Finish Shawn's (the bear) sweater
  • Sew the linings of my snazzy new tote bag & ipod cozy so I can use them
  • Laundry
  • Visit my friend this weekend in Calgary
  • Use my William Sonoma gift certificate on previously mentioned weekend to Calgary
  • Work
  • Oh, and attend tomorrow's pediatrics lecture
By the way...she only cried for a few seconds.

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