Sunday, January 13, 2008

It's no B&B but at least it's clean!

I really have to give credit to the bloggers out there who post everyday, with pictures even! The title of this post was what I started yesterday, when I finished cleaning my house...and the title is all that I did. Perhaps the true title should be "what I'm doing on a weekend to avoid doing school work". I'm now sitting here trying to inspire myself to complete two units of bioethics, so I can meet my deadline, but instead everything else is more important & more INTERESTING. I hate bioethics. Now I don't actually hate bioethics. As a future nurse I can understand how it is important, but the course work just SUCKs. There. I've said it.

So here's a list of the stuff I want to do...
  • make sweater for my daughter's teddy bear
  • finish the totebag that waiting for me downstairs
  • reorganized my food pantry (I really don't like bioethics)
  • take some pictures of my finished projects & WIPs & post them on this blog
  • write my grad newsletter
  • make a banner for my blog & figure out how to work with photos
And what I have to do...
  • finish two units of bioethics
  • read 2 or 3 chapters of my mat/child text
Maybe this guy will help?


MJ said...

You can tell when you are really desperate to procrastinate when you cleaned your pantry. Future procrastination activities recommended would be to wash walls and/or wash/re-organize your kitchen cupboards. I think I'd rather study bioethics than wash walls or clean my cupboards....

Saucy said...

Aaaak! That guy is no help at all. He will put your CAT in the FREEZER.