Wednesday, January 30, 2008

48 more days

The owner of these feet informed me today that there are only 48 days until her birthday. She will be 10. Double digits! I remember being so excited about turning "double digits" when I was little. What I just realized was how sad my mom must have felt. I'm sure every parent of girls starts to dread the day their little girl grows up. E has always been a mama's girl. I tried pulling her into my lap last night, but there were too many knees and elbows involved, so it was a little awkward. We had a little spat at the grocery store this week. I was grumpy. She was indecisive and "shruggy" as most 9-year-olds seem to be. I snapped at her. She cried and said "you are so mean since I got older". I melted the way I always have when she cries and we sat down in the aisle for a little heart-to-heart. I love my girl and can't wait to meet the young woman she turns into. I just wish she could be little for a while longer.


Jodie said...

oh such a bittersweet time for you.

MJ said...

I just love her socks with the pom-poms! It takes me right back to the 1980s!

The joys/pitfalls of aging. I get twinges every so often reflecting back but mostly look forward.