Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Almost ready to bloom

I used to have lots of plants in my apartment in Vancouver. I tried to move them to Calgary but they froze. Something about moving in December. Anyway, they survived for short while, but then my efforts failed and one by one, they eventually passed on. My gardening efforts are not much better. We had gorgeous perennials in a flower bed on our property when we first moved to this house. One year, I got a little overzealous with my weeding one year and then forgot to water the remainders during the heat wave, so plants seem to keep disappearing. I'm not sure what will come up this summer.

One of my sweet friends dropped this off on Christmas Eve. The gesture was so lovely, but honestly, my heart gave a little thud at the thought of having someone entrust me with something so fragile and plant-like. However, I gratefully took the package and put it in a sunny window with lots of watering and love. Look what's happened. It's been well over a month now and, not only is the amyrillis not dead, it's about to flower. Yay for me!

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MJ said...

Good for you! I am not good with plants either ~ I either neglect them or over-care for them and either way they die!

I purchase my Emma Bridgewater cups, sugar shaker, etc at a little store about 4 blocks away! I love the store & it has a sale on Emma Bridgewater every spring so I am starting to get quite a collection! Am thinking I might need a big teapot soon! I like how they are so cheerful!