Monday, October 3, 2011


Signs of Autumn along my favourite running path

That about 80 to you Fahrenheiters. Woo-hoo for our long Indian summer.

Random feather beside the running path.

Very curious until I remembered the Run for the Cure was yesterday.

Wanted to run it too, but I was sleeping off a night shift.

Epic Dinner Fail.

Slow-cooker mac & cheese. Smelled good. Bad taste. Bad texture.

Sorry Lizzie. She got grilled cheese instead.

Spaghetti squash. Bigger than my head.

Same spaghetti squash, hacked in half. Topped with homemade marinara, Garlic Gold nuggets, jalapenos & goat cheese.

nom, nom, nom.

Belly now full.

Rainy being cute. Pic actually taken 2 days ago. But she's still cute.

Shiny, bouncy new Mizuno running shoes.

Note to self: shoe guy's advice to run without socks, not good.

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